About Yarkee


Yarkee is an international family office with a deep understanding of what it takes to grow solid and durable. With assets in over 10 countries, Yarkee mitigates risk through exceptional diversification while maximizing capital return.
Our Mission

Our firm specializes in offering investment management services to both individuals and institutions. We provide our clients with excellent results and individualized care.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help clients achieve their investment objectives with a personalized approach. We offer customized solutions tailored to individual needs and risk tolerance. With experienced professionals and advanced technology, we analyze opportunities for informed decisions. Our focus is on delivering excellent service and investment returns for long-term client relationships.

Our Values

Our values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, and innovation drive our business. We prioritize integrity in all interactions, strive for excellence in research and service, foster teamwork, and continuously seek innovative solutions. We serve various industries including Real Estate Development, Telecommunications, Finance and Banking, Insurance, and Food and Beverage. Our tailored services cater to the unique needs of these sectors, ensuring their success. With extensive investment management experience, we maintain ethical standards and transparent relationships with investors, employees, and stakeholders.

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